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A truly effective product against cellulite? Sure there is!

90% of adult women have cellulite. What to do? Exercise, healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and SILUSYNE™

SILUSYNE™ reduces the adipocytes differentiation decreasing their maturity rate which leads to lower lipid accumulation in adipose tissue and hence smoothing the irregularities of the skin surface due to a reduction in fat nodules responsible for the cellulite. In vitro tests quantify the decrease in 67.2% obtaining greater reductions than caffeine.

Cellulite, which is present in 90% of adult women, is the result of genetics, gender, and lack of exercise, inadequate diets and long working hours that lead to extra fat accumulation.

Lipotec launches its new SILUSYNE™ to develop cellulite and slimming formulations to help erase the marks of a modern and unhealthy lifestyle while correcting the root causes. SILUSYNE™ is a cosmetic ingredient containing a hexapeptide selected from 50.000, enhanced by a particular delivery system to ensure its proper action where it is required to act.

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