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Well deserved Innovation Award

For innovation in the design of ADIFYLINE™, Lipotec won a silver award in the Innovation Best Ingredient Award in the last edition of In-cosmetics Asia. This prize, awarded by Reed (organizer of the fair) and SPC Asia, distinguishes new active or functional ingredients for its scientific basis and properties showing substantial benefits for both manufacturers and consumers in comparison with other ingredients already available in the market.

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A truly effective product against cellulite? Sure there is!

90% of adult women have cellulite. What to do? Exercise, healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and SILUSYNE™

SILUSYNE™ reduces the adipocytes differentiation decreasing their maturity rate which leads to lower lipid accumulation in adipose tissue and hence smoothing the irregularities of the skin surface due to a reduction in fat nodules responsible for the cellulite. In vitro tests quantify the decrease in 67.2% obtaining greater reductions than caffeine.

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I have already applied a hair repair treatment at the tips, but ... and the rest of my hair?

Momentive conditioning agent SILSOFT* AX adds shine and softness to dry hair and is excellent in the formulation of  Shine in Spray form with thermal protection for blow drying or flat ironing hair.

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